PANTERA NEGRA- Sociedade de Transportes Ldª. has been recognized both nationally and internationally as one of the top quality removal companies. This has been accomplished by a great deal of team work, highly trained professional staff, guaranteeing the personal care and attention that each client and his/her belongings need.

With  a modern fleet of vehicles and the most complete equipment for packing, transport, elevation, loading and unloading, Pantera Negra is equipped with proper packing materials for wrapping and carrying your clothes, crockery, crystals, furniture, paintings and everything that you have in your home or office in a comfortable and secure way. Being a company turned to the future, Pantera Negra has a service of Furniture Storage that allows us to keep the filling of your home or office, in individual state-of-the-art metal containers, protected from dust and moisture for a long-term period.
Pantera Negra’s aim is to provide the customer with  everything he/she needs in order to move 
safely, quickly and comfortably to  their new home/office.

To develop and launch wide solutions in the area  of incorporated and outsourced services, through 
motivated and specialized  teams, which are supported by the best methods and best technology.

• Innovation
  Make the most out of the business opportunities  provided by the market. 
  This may be done through tailored customer solutions
• Quality
  We provide outstanding quality in packaging, transportation and customer relationship.

• Value
  We increase and maintain customer value.

• Responsibility
  Recognize, openly and completely, the contractual responsibilities with our clients individually, as the 
  responsibilities towards society and the environment.
• Image
  Leader company, able to provide the  best possible solution exceeding customer’s expectations.


Pantera Negra Sociedade de Transportes, Lda. é uma marca registada ®. Qualquer uso indevido do seu logotipo e/ou marca será punivel pela lei. 2011